Protecting Our Country

District Judge James Robart has taken it upon himself to frustrate the President of the United States in his attempt to carry out his sworn duty to protect the nation and its people. Yes, I’m talking about President Trump’s temporary order to stop allowing aliens from certain countries known to harbor terrorists to enter our nation.

The forces of the left act like this is some big unprecedented overreach by a President attempting to grab power. Nothing could be further from the truth. The McCarran-Walters Act of 1952 prohibits the entry into this country of any alien belonging to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States. Every President in the last 40 years has used the authority of that act to prohibit entry of certain Muslim aliens. Yes, even the wimp Jimmy Carter and the Muslim sympathizer Barack Obama. This is nothing new at all. It is a well-established principle that the President has this authority.


Part of Robart’s stated reasoning is that the order establishes one religion over another by singling out Muslims to apply it to. This is completely illogical. The order doesn’t say to stop only Muslims. It says to stop any alien from the listed countries.

Even if it did specifically apply only to Muslims, does that make it unconstitutional? The same First Amendment that provides freedom of religion provides freedom of speech also, but it’s a well-established doctrine of law that there are limitations to freedom of speech. You do not have the right, for instance, to shout “Fire” in a crowded theater. You also do not have the right to threaten to kill the President.

Applying that same standard to freedom of religion, should an organization be recognized as a protected religion when its own written “bible” calls for the slaughter or enslavement of any of our citizens who are not members of that “religion?” This same “bible” orders its followers to conquer the world. Can that be done without overthrowing the government of the United States?

It should be abundantly clear to anyone who can read that the President’s action is not only allowable but mandatory. He would be neglecting his duty to protect our people if he did not do this. This judge’s opinion should be overturned immediately, and he should be censured for having issued it.

How do you feel about having our President’s hands tied in his attempts to carry out the Constitutional duties of his office.


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2 Responses to Protecting Our Country

  1. Sharon K. Walker says:

    I truly believe President Trump is trying to do what he believes will make our country safer. Then again, there is the powerful and protective balance of power that exists among the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of our government. Questions regarding the legality of the proposed ban on immigration may have to go all the way to the Supreme Court in order to be answered satisfactorily.


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