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Ruth is a twelve year-old girl whose father is called into active duty with the Mississippi National Guard at the beginning of the Civil War. Since her mother was crippled when thrown from a horse as a child, it’s up to Ruth to operate the family’s cotton farm while her mother does the housework and cooking. Never one to shirk duties, she buckles down and does everything her father taught her about farming, bringing in as good crops as any of the neighbors.

Delivering milk and eggs to town, she manages to spend a few minutes each trip with a boy she fancies. Sam keeps trying to push their relationship faster than she wants, and she constantly has to fight him off.

When renegade union soldiers kill her mother and try to capture and rape her, Ruth has to hold them off single-handed until Sam can get help. After her mother’s death, she lets Sam talk her into marrying him and moving to Idaho to live with his uncle, but the brother of one of the soldiers who attacked her home attempts more than once to kill her.

Finally arriving in Idaho without Sam, who died along the way, she discovers the uncle is not someone she wants to be around, but he decides he wants to add her to his Mormon harem. Although she gets away, he spends months trying to find her and take her for his own.

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