Christianity 101: The Simplified Christian Life

Some months ago, as I continued to answer questions a writer friend asked about Christianity and the Bible, it dawned on me that she wasn’t the only one who belonged to Jesus but had received no discipling in God’s word. My first response was to write a series of blogs explaining various things about Christianity and living the Christian life.

As the series came to its conclusion, I began to think about using that blog series as the core for a book on Christianity. This idea was confirmed when the young lady whose questions inspired the blog series called me and told me I should put my thoughts on the subject into a book.

New and prospective hear so many voices telling them they have to follow this rule and that, do this and never do that, observe these rules and regulations – and it becomes such a cacophony of sounds it often ends up either confusing them or turning them away from Christianity. The good news, which is what the word ‘gospel’ means, is that we’re freed from the burden of the law to live under grace, and yet we want to put people back under the law before they have a chance to begin growing in their Christian lives.

These dear new or prospective Christians need to hear a voice telling them the pure truth of the gospel. Christianity 101: The Simplified Christian Life is that voice. It begins with a discussion of who we are and why we are here and moves on through explanations of some of God’s covenants with His people. It presents the doctrine of grace, explaining that Jesus did all the work for our salvation, that all we need to do is submit ourselves to Him and accept Him as our savior. We don’t need Jesus plus anything. We just need Jesus. His grace is sufficient.

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