Protecting Ourselves

A few days ago, someone posted a message on Facebook about how horrible it would be to arrive in the United States and find yourself detained and then sent back to the country where you came from. I’m not quoting the post verbatim, but that’s the jist of it.

I replied that that wouldn’t be nearly as horrible as finding yourself falling from a high floor in a building that had just been hit be an airplane commandeered by terrorists. That’s not a verbatim quote, either, but it does state my point. I expected my reply to be ignored, but it wasn’t.

The stream of hate that came from the left, vilifying me for wanting to protect my country, was amazing. I was shocked and totally unprepared for it. I would have kept my opinion to myself if I’d had any idea of the barrage of hateful comments it would elicit. Usually, when some leftist comments on a post from me or one of my patriotic friends, the comment is either ignored or possible addressed in a respectful manner and then dropped rather than just leading into one nasty reply after another.

It’s difficult for me to imagine why anyone would oppose the President’s attempts to protect the nation he was sworn to protect. For me, the quote below from Cloyd Rivers is a very apt analogy.


Should I be attacked as a hatemonger for locking the doors of my house before going to bed at night? Almost anyone would agree I’d be a fool not to. I would be derelict not to try to protect my family from anyone who might try to enter and do us harm. Why then should our President not “lock the doors” by doing whatever he needs to do to keep out those who would enter and do our nation harm?

The left screams that not all Muslims are terrorists. That’s true. On the other hand, the 9-11 attacks, the attacks a year or so ago in Paris and other European cities, the US embassy bombing in Beirut in 1983, countless bombing of Israeli targets, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Benghazi bombing, and many more too numerous to list, were all carried out by Muslims.

If some of the people we exclude prove not to be terrorists, we can apologize to them later, but our first duty—the President’s first duty—is to stop the entry of terrorists into our country, just as it’s the homeowner’s first duty to protect his family and property by locking the doors at night.

How do you feel about the easy access to our nation we have allowed terrorists?


Writers may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


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9 Responses to Protecting Ourselves

  1. Sharon K. Walker says:

    Appreciate your expressing your thoughts, as you have every right to (Thank God we’re U.S. citizens!). I do feel that people wanting to enter and live in our country need to be carefully vetted. Too many people are entering America, Europe, etc., illegally, and there is a limit to how many can be allowed entrance without overwhelming and/or endangering our nations’ institutions and resources . The safety of our country should be paramount. Our borders need to be much better secured, in my opinion. However, someone who has arrived legally is welcome!

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  2. Hello David, it’s always a pleasure to read from you. In response to your question, “How do you feel about the easy access to our nation we allowed Terrorist>” First I would like to say I am behind President Trump 100% On the decision he has made not allowing Muslims to enter the Country. I have been to many Countries (Mainly the middle east) If your not from the Country by no means do they cater to you And if you commit a crime, your thrown into prison, Good luck getting out! I believe had we been Cautious about allowing these people to enter our Country the crimes that were committed surly could have been prevented! Not to mention, they come here work for less than minimum wage and send the money to their Country. We Mist keep in mind that “Charity Starts At Home.” If we do not keep this in mind in the near future we will not have a home to go to!

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    • Thank you for your comment. As you can tell from the post, you and I are in complete agreement.

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      • Thank you David! It makes Total Sense not to want Anyone regardless of the Ethnic Background near anyone we Love which includes our Country! As far as attacking you because you expressed your opinion, take it with a grain of salt. Most people today are not dealing with a full deck. Keep up the Good Work! Blessings Always.


  3. Oh David, David, David, when will you learn? You cannot state your opinion on the internet anymore without being attacked by someone. That’s just how it goes these days. Facebook in particular has become a hotbed for hatred. People stalk posts regarding politics just so they can ring their own bell.

    My same argument goes for smokers. (Let me explain.) A long time ago individual states started making it “illegal” to smoke in a public place. Weren’t smokers rights essentially taken away? Yet nobody marched, protested, rioted, or spewed hatred on the internet. Why? Because most people agreed with the new law. Yet the rights of smokers were in fact taken away. Oh they can still smoke, just in certain places. Now, zoom forward a few years to the whole bathroom debacle and new laws going into effect allowing transgenders to use whatever bathroom the want because their rights were supposedly taken away. Say what? Remember the smokers who lost their rights? I believe there are far more smokers in America than there are transgenders and yet . . . Transgenders can still use the public restrooms, just certain ones. Isn’t that the same damn thing?

    The America as we knew it, the one where rules and laws made sense, is gone. Nowadays you can only have an opinion if it matches the mass majority of other opinions. It’s sickening.

    (Climbing down off soapbox.)

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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    • Patricia, you can mount your soapbox on my site anytime you want to. Thanks. As a former smoker – delivered by Jesus in 1984 – I have a lot of empathy for the smokers who are so callously discriminated against. My wife doesn’t understand my empathy. I guess she thinks all smokers should be shot or something, which seems to be the prevailing sentiment in our country today.

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      • Exactly! Did all the smokers revolt? Did they march on Washington? Did they riot? No.

        But, gosh darn it, they probably should have because their rights were taken away!!!

        I am not a smoker, but I do feel sorry for people who smoke. They have no where to go these days. Yes, that’s discrimination. Nobody wants smokers but they’ll “tolerate” transgenders, terrorists, you name it. Shouldn’t we tolerate smokers, too? Sheesh. It’s a total double standard.

        Anyway, you know what I mean.


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