Resting a Little Better

Several days ago, I got to spend some time with a man who lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and learned some very interesting things from him. He’s an American citizen, born of American missionary parents in Electra, TX, and has himself been a missionary all his adult life, and he pays close attention to world news and events, and particularly to Southeast Asian news and events.

He told me that before Trump was elected President, European Union-type of thinking was growing throughout in Southeast Asia. Since he was elected, however, that movement has been reversed. Nations throughout the region, led by Thailand, are have backed away from that thinking and are looking more to their own needs and their own security.

After my recent experience in Europe, where most of the people seem to be down with the idea of a one-world government, this was a breath of fresh air. Europeans I talked to, by and large, hated Donald Trump, particularly since he had the guts to move us out of the ridiculous Paris accord on global warming. Some even said they liked and trusted Putin more than Trump.

According to this man, Southeast Asian sentiment is strongly pro-Trump. They appreciate his willingness to stand on principle and quit playing the political correctness game. They realize that Obama practically destroyed our country and that we needed a man of the caliber of Donald Trump to turn us around and put us back on the right track. They see America as their main hope in the world, and they want us to be strong.

He also talked about North Korea. He laughed off their possession of WMD’s, since they don’t have the technology to aim them. He also said that China and Russia have too much at stake to let North Korea start a new war.

An interesting point he made is that South Korea has the military capability to wipe North Korea out, but they don’t, because they all have cousins living there. He said North Koreans in general wouldn’t want a war with South Korea for the same reason.

Call me Pollyanna, but I feel much better about the state of the world after talking and listening to this man.


Benjamin Franklin, exiting Constitutional Convention:

“We’ve given you a republic, if you can keep it.”


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  1. It’s so interesting to me that people are either so hot or so freezing on the issue of Trump’s presidency. I feel like the only middle-grounder. I don’t agree with everything the man says or does and I cringe at his antics when dealing with foreign dignitaries (I thought he had more class), but I do support a lot of his ideals. Seems like the world is definitely posturing right now for or against.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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  2. Thank you for sharing! This gives me much hope!

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  3. Sharon Walker says:

    Check for typos in first and last paragraph. A good article about a fine man of God. Continue writing about what you love. I love you, Wife


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