Heaven Sent

Now Available for Kindle or Nook or in paperback

Heaven Sent by David N. Walker

Have you ever wondered about good and evil?
Does life just happen?
Or does God bring opportunities your way?
Where do you turn when you feel down?

Stories of great faith surround us. Strengthen your faith and wonder in God’s amazing power. Heaven Sent is a collection of stories of real people’s devotion and spiritual insight to inspire and lift you up.

For the last seven or eight years, I have been the leader of my Sunday School class. Part of what I do is make announcements every Sunday morning. My predecessor in this position used to bring some story every now and then that he’d heard or read on the internet, and I liked the idea so well I adopted it for myself. In fact, I read some story every Sunday. Sometimes it a joke or funny story, and sometimes it’s a serious story of devotional value.

About a year ago, I started thinking about all the different devotional stories I’d read to my class and how nice it would be to share them with more people. That led to gathering them into a book. With each story, if there was an author identified or aluded to, I wrote to ask permission to include it in my book. I had to omit a number of the stories either because that permission was denied or else because I could not get a response.

Realizing this smaller number of stories would make a pretty thin book, I decided to add my own comments after each one. Then, I decided to put in three pieces of my own writing. Each of the stories in the book is identified either as anonymous or by author’s name where permission was granted to use it.

You can buy Heaven Sent for Kindle or for Nook. You can order the paperback at CreateSpace.

Ten per cent of all proceeds from the sale of this book goes to support Christian ministries.

Author Jillian Dodd gave Heaven Sent a five star rating on Goodreads and wrote: This book is really great when you need a little inspiration in your life. It is full of stories that help strengthen your faith.


12 Responses to Heaven Sent

  1. Linda Austin says:

    David, this is Linda Austin from Fort Worth Writers. I would like to get a copy, signed of course, of each of your books! I will give you one of mine! Call me, 817/293-7219 or e-mail. I wold love to visit with you.


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  5. Annie says:

    I have been horrible at keeping up with blogs in my reader! Could be those rugrats I live with…
    So I apologize for my tardiness. Congrats on the book! I’ll have to check it out.


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  8. Review coming up – watch for it next week:) Heaven Sent – wonderful and I highly recommend.


  9. Marcia says:

    Excellent blurb, David! It’s exactly right for your book!


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