Divine Healing

All of my life, and I suspect for some centuries before, a debate has raged within the Christian community as to whether or not God still heals people. A large portion of the body of Christ argues that healing, deliverance, and other such things took place in the first century but not since. Many others of us firmly believe He still heals.

Don’t talk to Annabel Beam of Burleson, Texas, if you want to argue that. It’s too late to sway her to believe it was for the first century only.

Annabel was diagnosed at age 5 with two rare, life-threatening digestive disorders—both incurable. For years she was in constant pain, in and out of hospitals, undergoing endless testing, and never finding anything that eased her pain. It got bad enough that she told her mother she wished she would die so she could go to heaven and be free of pain.

Then, three years ago last December, Annabel fell headfirst 30 feet into a hollow cottonwood tree. Trapped for six hours, she came out uninjured, telling a story about meeting Jesus in heaven, and she suddenly tested symptom-free. In the over three years since then, she has been completely asymptomatic and is leading a normal life without any therapy. No doctor has been able to come up with any scientific explanation for her recovery.

Annabel doesn’t worry a lot about the theology of healing—she just knows she was healed, and that it was Jesus who healed her. She talked of conversing with Jesus and seeing a little girl whom Jesus identified as her little sister.

This last fact blew Annabel’s mother Christy Wilson Beam away. She had two miscarriages after Annabel was born, and Annabel knew that. What Annabel didn’t know was that one of the miscarriages was a blighted ovum, meaning there was never a fetus formed. Not knowing that, if Annabel had made up this story, she would have mentioned two sisters.

That’s when her mother was convinced that this was truly a divine healing and that her daughter had really been with Jesus. She has since written a book – ­Miracles from Heaven: a Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven and Her Amazing Story of Healing, published by Hatchette Publishing.

The specifics of this story come from an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram by David Martindale, but it didn’t take much to make me believe it, since I was healed of a heart attack 20 years ago and was delivered from a long-time nicotine addiction over 30 years ago. I already knew God is still in the business of healing and delivering His people.

You can google Annabel Beam for more information, or you can just praise the name of Jesus and believe Him.

What miracles have you or people you know and trust experienced?


If you abide in Me and My word abides in you, then you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.


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  1. Sharon K. Walker says:

    I strongly believe that God can miraculously heal all things if He so desires.


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