Remembering 9-11

Yesterday was the thirteenth anniversary of the cowardly acts of Muslim terrorists in bombing the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Probably no American made it through the day yesterday without thinking about the thousands of innocent Americans who lost their lives in those attacks and about the daring heroes on United Airlines Flight 93 who resisted their gutless attackers and prevented that flight from being used to crash into the White House.

These ruthless attacks against so many innocent citizens caused this nation to draw together in a level of unity rarely seen. When our President addressed a joint session of Congress a few days later to declare war on those who perpetrate such acts and those who direct and support them, public opinion was overwhelmingly behind him.

In the days and years since then, although there has been no successful attack on American soil, we’ve seen one cowardly attack after another by Muslim terrorists who seemingly have no conscience whatsoever regarding others. They attack our embassy in Libya. They kidnap schoolgirls in Africa. They attack peacekeeping troops from the United Nations as well as from the United States. They attack their own people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sometimes these butchers go by the name al Queda, at other times Hamas, and still other times the Islamic State. There are other names that don’t come to mind at the moment, but they all have one thing in common. They are all Muslim, and almost all of them are male.

Political correctness says we can’t profile these people. If we run security checks in our airports, we have to treat little old ladies traveling to see their great grandchildren the same way we treat Muslim men, subjecting them to the indignities of pawing and even sometimes strip-searching. We can’t use good sense. We must obey the dictates of political correctness.

Certainly, not all Muslim men are terrorists. No one would argue that. But all the people who perpetrate the atrocities I’ve mentioned were Muslims, and almost all men.

We need to remember what happened on 9-11. What happened to our embassy in Libya. What happens almost daily in Israel, where these horrible people are intent on annihilating all Jews. We need to regain the spirit of unity we had in those first days after the 9-11 attacks.

We need to quit treating these terrorists like common criminals and according them the same rights our courts have given to criminal defendants. These people didn’t rob a 7-11 store. They are mass murderers with no remnant of conscience. They need to be tried by military courts when they are caught and then be quickly administered the death penalty.

How did you feel yesterday when you saw flags flying and thought about the events being commemorated by those flags?


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We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


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4 Responses to Remembering 9-11

  1. Donald Sneed says:

    My feeling as I reflected on 9-11 was somber and serious. I couldn’t help thinking about Jesus’s words in John 16:2-3:.” he that killeth you will think he is doing God a service.” What a terrible example of Satanic deception! Blessings, D.S.

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    • Amen, Don. They fight their battles and gives their lives for a religion that was created by Satan. The abominable and atrocious acts they commit can only be of Satan, who comes to steal, kill and destroy.


  2. Sharon K. Walker says:

    9-11 always inspires me with a strong sense of patriotism. Our country must always remain vigilant to protect its people and others who are threatened by the enemy.


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