Sunday my wife and I went to church with our daughter and her family. They had also invited a young couple who recently had triplets. Not just triplets, but IDENTICAL triplets.

These girls are so identical even the parents have trouble telling them apart. Emma is a little smaller than her sisters, so it’s not too difficult to tell her from them, but Joy and Josh had their pediatrician pierce Kinley’s ears to differentiate her from Savannah.


Emma is on the left behind Savannah. Kinley is on the right.

Sharon and I had never met this couple, much less their daughters, but I ended up getting to hold Savannah anyhow. She was fine for a minute or two, but then she decided I was a stranger, and she didn’t like the idea. She started bawling until I passed her back to my daughter. She knows Lynn, and once I passed her back to her, she was fine.

As the church service progressed, I thought a lot about that. It’s such a typical reaction among infants that I became intrigued with the thought.

Savannah didn’t know me, so she had no reason to trust me. On the other hand, she knew my daughter, so she was fine with her. As I pondered on this, God used the occasion to preach me a little sermon.

Jesus wants us to trust Him, but how can we trust someone we don’t know? We all have a tendency to want to rely on ourselves anyhow, and it takes a lot to overcome that bit of human nature. What God was speaking to me as I thought about Savannah was that it’s only as we come to know Jesus that we can trust Him—and the better we know Him, the more we trust Him.

One of my sister’s granddaughters posted this on Facebook Monday morning:


Sounds kinda like the secret to inner peace and freedom from worry involves trust in Jesus. Trusting Him requires knowing Him well enough to be able to trust.

How well do you know Jesus? How totally are you able to give Him your cares and worries and let Him handle them?


If you abide in Me and My word abides in you, then you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.



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7 Responses to Trust

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  2. Lynn says:

    Emma at the front with the spotted puppy dog toy. Kinley back left (all white dress). Savannah back right (lavender bodice on her dress).


  3. Karlene says:

    Great message David. And funny reality on this note… there there are those of us grandmas who are the baby whisperers. (The nickname my kids have given me.) I have yet to meet a baby of any age that does not come to me. We all joke, “they can spot a grandma anywhere” but the truth is, more mothers (and fathers say, “This is just weird, my baby NEVER goes to strangers.” On planes. In a store. Anywhere, it doesn’t matter. And if a baby is crying… give it to me, they calm.

    But trust… I believe this goes for life. So often I hear people complain of the bad things in life. They see the negative in everything. Maybe trust also comes with faith. Do we need to know? Or do we need faith. Far to many people give up the joy of life because they need control of the outcome and then need to know before they trust. I vote on the chord of faith. Perhaps those babies who come to my arms feel that? Not sure. But trust and faith go hand in hand.


    • Thanks, Karlene. I usually do fine with babies, too. I think God arranged this Sunday just to give me the idea for a blog about the importance of knowing Jesus in order to be able to trust Him.


  4. Sharon K. Walker says:

    Enjoyed this blog and its message. Trust brings great comfort. And those triplets are precious.


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