Great IMAX Movie

Do you live near an IMAX theater? Have you viewed a movie there? If you haven’t, you’re denying yourself a real treat.

My wife and I have seen movies in IMAX theaters in San Antonio and Spokane, WA. Here in Fort Worth, we have an upgraded version of IMAX called OMNI. The screen wraps up across the ceiling and behind you to the back wall.

In our OMNI theater, they always start off with a helicopter ride around the city before the movie starts. I’ve never figured out how they do it, but YOU’RE IN THE HELICOPTER!

As the helicopter moves through the air, the whole seating area of the theater tilts forward. The front row of the theater moves almost directly under you. No matter how many times I view this—and I’m sure I’ve been there well over a dozen times—I still grab the armrests to keep from falling out of my seat. It’s that real.

Earlier this week, my wife and her sister and I went to see “Rocky Mountain Express.” It’s about the building of the Canadian Pacific RR from Vancouver to Calgary.


The engine featured in the movie

The movie takes the viewer on a trip following a train pulled by a steam engine and showing the various problems encountered by the builders in dealing with both the terrain and the weather. In the process, it shows some of the most beautiful scenery on the continent.


Stony Creek Bridge in Rogers Pass

In addition to the problems of bridging deep gorges and climbing and descending steep grades, they had to deal with landslides and avalanches. At one point, a landslide obliterated most of a town, and the bodies of the people are still buried underneath.

If you have access to an IMAX theater, keep your eyes open for this wonderful movie. You’ll be glad you did.

Have you ever watched an IMAX movie? What did you think of the experience.


WANA: We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


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10 Responses to Great IMAX Movie

  1. Hi David: My husband and buddy love the IMAX for most of the movies they go to (action adventure or something just to get away from reality for awhile). I’m always amazed what technology can and does do for our entertainment. Tom doesn’t feel up to getting out much and when he does it requires a great deal of pre-planning. However, he has a friend like my Catherine that’s available (when he’s not on the road).
    I lost my peripheral vision in an automobile accident years ago so it’s sheer frustration for the IMAX experience. However, I’m delighted it’s available for all movie goers.


    • Sorry you can’t enjoy it, Sheri.


      • Me too, but I see many movies with a good friend when I have the opportunity to break away.
        Off subject – I finally have a new computer up and running. I’ve always been able to import my word document into WP without a problem. Now it will import but it’s tiny, tiny print and the formatting is so far off when I import, there’s no way to fix it? Any suggestions? Also, I’m going to have a Medicare blog coming up in the near future (within 2-3 weeks) – will you have a new Medicare blog for me to link onto or send me the link for the article you posted about Medicare the last time.


  2. Jane Merrick says:

    This sounds great, David. I have been to an IMAX theatre and it is wonderful! Love, Jane


  3. Barb Estinson says:

    I am looking for this movie now. I do enjoy our Imax theater. Thanks for the blog, David.


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  5. Sharon Walker says:

    Ah, the pristine beauty of Canada! This was a delightfully informative and entertaining show. So glad we attended, and hope that many, many others will take it in.


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