Amping Up the Volume

As I’ve aged, the entire television industry has engaged in a cruel conspiracy. Actually, it may not be the entire industry. It could be the manufacturers, or it could be the satellite and cable companies that provide the programs. I’m not sure just where the blame should go.

In any case, there is definitely a conspiracy somewhere out there. They are making the audio volume lower and lower. Seems like every year the volume is a little lower than it was the year before. As a result, I’ve had to turn the volume control on my television louder and louder in order to hear it.

This creates another problem. My wife, whose hearing is so bad she never hears a word I say, can somehow hear the television from a room or two away. How they throw the sound into another room when it’s almost inaudible right in front of the TV is a mystery to me, but it happens somehow.

After putting up with this conspiracy year after year—and realizing that the volume increases I need in order to combat it bother her—I finally took a drastic step Tuesday. I ran into a friend who works in electronics at my neighborhood Walmart and asked him if he knew any way to deal with this problem, and he told me there was: a wireless television headphone.

He showed me a few his department carried in stock, but they were either too limited in ability or too expensive, so he took me over to his computer and showed me some selections I could order from their online service and have them ship to his store (free of shipping charges). He gave me a suggestion or two and told me to order one when I got home.


The ones I ordered cost less than $20 and should arrive at my local store sometime today. I can’t wait to go get them. There’s more than one way to overcome a conspiracy.

Has this little conspiracy hindered your television watching? Maybe you’re too young to be affected. If you have had the problem, how have you dealt with it? Readers would love to know.


We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


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