They say nobody actually owns a cat. In reality, if you have a cat for a pet, the cat owns you, not vice versa.

I wonder if the same thing could be said of fiction. Do we own our stories, or do they own us?

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I’ve been working for most of the past year on a series of novellas called Fancy. The first five novellas are currently on sale. Click here for more information or to learn how to purchase them.

Volume six is being edited as you read this and will go on sale next month. I’ll try not to keep it a secret when it is published.

All this time, I’ve been telling you there would be a total of eight volumes in the series, which would leave two more to be written. This is where the cat analogy comes into play.

As I started working on volume seven, it began to talk back to me. It said, “I’m not a volume all by myself, and neither is number eight.”

Of course, I pointed out that I’m the author and it’s my story. I’ll write as many volumes as I want.

That’s when it reared its ugly head and said, “Wanna bet?” Then it enlisted my computer in its little conspiracy. All of a sudden, I couldn’t get the computer to accept my ideas for text and put them into print. It just balked.

In desperation, I decided to listen to what my story was trying to tell me. It said in very plain language, loud and clear, that volumes seven and eight needed to be combined into one volume with the two stories told in parallel.

After much argument, I threw up my hands. I would have thrown in the towel, but I didn’t have one handy. Anyhow, I acceded to the demands of the story and agreed to combine the two volumes into Fancy: The Final Chapter.

Since I agreed to that, I’ve finally been able to move forward once again. The original schedule would have seen volume seven published in August and volume eight in October. I now suspect the final volume to be published in September.

How have your stories rebelled and taken over your computer? Have they actually held you hostage? My readers would love to hear your experiences.


We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

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David N. Walker is a Christian husband, father and grandfather, a grounded pilot and a near-scratch golfer who had to give up the game because of shoulder problems. A graduate of Duke University, he spent 42 years in the health insurance industry, during which time he traveled much of the United States. He started writing about 20 years ago and has been a member and leader in several writers' groups. Christianity 101: The Simplified Christian Life, the devotional Heaven Sent and the novella series, Fancy, are now available in paperback and in Kindle and Nook formats, as well as through Smashwords and Kobo. See information about both of these by clicking "Books" above.
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10 Responses to Hijacked!

  1. Oh yes, it doesn’t matter how determined we are to keep a story on a specific path, we don’t have the final control.


  2. Karlene says:

    Yes… I have been held hostage. Not necessarily highjacked. The reason being, I was never forced anywhere, or pressured to do anything. I was however held of my own free will. When that happens I sit quietly and think and always find an escape. Glad you figured it out! Makes life easier.


  3. Haha! I love it. When a book takes over, that’s a good thing, right? I mean, books are living, breathing things to us so it’s wise to listen to them. I’m so glad you finally are able to move forward and will have the final book done for everyone in September!


  4. My characters hijack my books all the time. I was intent on writing a suspense series. Had no intention of any romantic involvement between any of the characters, but alas Tori and Caleb had completely different ideas. And even though I edited out their initial leanings in that direction, they kept throwing up roadblocks and wanting their way. I finally had to give in. I now consider it a romantic suspense series.

    I’ve had some of them shout at me things like “Really? You think I’d do something like that? That’s not me at all! I’m not moving until you get a grip.”

    Seriously – the whole thing does remind me of my relationship with my cat, Samantha. Just when I think I have her trained, I realize I’m the one that’s been trained. LOL


  5. Jess Witkins says:

    Yikes, David, I was worried with your title that someone had stolen your work! I’m glad for you that it was just your characters. Sounds like a cool way to tell the story, so I’m glad that your characters are challenging you and helping move the story forward. Keep us posted!


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