Mark of a Man Blogfest

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

Apparently men are just not as interesting as women. Well, I could have already told you that, but today offers graphic proof.

When August McLaughlin ran her Beauty of a Woman Blogfest, fifty or sixty people submitted blogs, myself included. In fact, that’s what prompted me to announce the Mark of a Man Blogfest.

Apparently only two of my readers thought men were a worthy topic for a blog. J. T. Therrien notified me Tuesday he would post his entry at Rhonda Hopkins posted hers at

When I announced the blogfest, I assumed a few men would submit entries, but I really thought a bunch of women would want to have a say about men. Praising their husbands, fussing about bad dates they’d had, or at least telling us to put the toilet seat down. What I didn’t really expect was almost total silence on the subject.

In an announcement about the blogfest, I said I’d have a drawing and give some e-books to the winner. Since only two people entered, I’m going to award the books to both of them.

My thanks to you, J.T. and Rhonda. I hope a lot of people read your posts today.

Julie Glover submitted a late entry at


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9 Responses to Mark of a Man Blogfest

  1. Eden says:

    I loved the idea of a Mark of a Man blogfest–indeed when I knew that August was running a second year of her Beauty of a Woman, I hoped a man would take the ball and roll with it, since as a woman, I didn’t feel right speaking for them (even if I often do when I’m writing fiction).


    A few things I noticed here…

    One, as a blogfest, this needed to be advertised more–perhaps you could have approached the people at The Good Men Project and announced your desire to run this? I bet you’d have a a bunch of takers there, men and women.

    Barring your initial post on 3/1, you don’t mention it much. Your second post dealt more with your books than the blogfest, and you didn’t even use bold font to set off the small notation for it at the bottom of the page. Sometimes when we read online, a quick Hey, come tell us how you feel about Wankel Rotary Engines tells us you really do want our opinions better.

    Also, by the initial post saying “It’s your turn to tell us, ladies”, you basically made your assumption that few men would post a reality. You may have thought you were opening a floor to debate, but it feels exclusionary to me…and I’m not even male.

    I still think it’s a great idea, David, and I really hope you will be inspired to try it again next year. There are so many wonderful male voices out there that deserve to have their say. It’s great you would try to draw them in, even if the start-up was a bit unsteady.

    Thank you for trying. And if I get my buns in gear and finish my post today, you can add one more link to your “late list”.


  2. Barbara says:

    I just saw it. I have a lot of wonderful things to say about men, but having a family crisis now and can’t respond fully. But for a short response: I see the mark of a man when he saves a pet who was marked for death at a shelter to the delight of his kids, or the dad who gives his child his last quarter for something they need for school, or the dad who forces a bully boy to retrieve his sobbing little girl’s bracelet from the mud puddle where he threw it, the man who will work consistently at a job that he loathes to put a shelter over his kids’ heads, the man who will teach his daughter (and sons) basic car maintenance and how to change a tire so she/he is not left helpless in the middle of nowhere, a man who will teach his kids how to manage money so they are not drowning in debt as adults, a man who will read stories to his kids, a man who will show respect for his wife so that his boys will learn to respect women and his girls will learn to expect respect. My dad was those things, and he taught me to respect and love men and myself.


  3. I think it IS a great idea, david. And I’m with Rhonda. I think you need to give people a little more time — and a little more teaser. More build-up. August got people to sign up at her place and she had a serious prize. Things to think about. Still, I enjoyed reading the writing. 😉


  4. Julie Glover says:

    Hey, I’m late to the party. Putting up my post now!


  5. I’m sorry you didn’t get a bigger response, David. I think this was a wonderful idea. If you decide to do it again next year, I’ll help you get the word out about it.


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