I originally wrote this as a comment on one of the pieces in my upcoming book of devotional and inspirational stories. The more I thought about it, though, the more I wanted you to get to read it now, so I’m posting it for today’s blog.

Okay, I admit it. I have a tendency to idealize women. I know women are fallible humans, just as men are. None of you are perfect, any more than we are, and you can’t live up to the expectations I sometimes place upon you.

Yet, I’m not sure I’m totally wrong in idealizing you. I do believe God gave women in general a special heart, a softness of which the average man is not capable. It’s your nature to want to hold and love and cuddle your children, to extend a special tenderness to them. And yet you also seem to have a level of stamina that puts most men to shame.

When I see mothers out in public cursing their kids, slapping them or being otherwise mean to them, it hurts me doubly. It hurts me for the kids to lack the maternal love God intended for them to receive, and it hurts me for the mothers to miss so totally the nature and calling God gave them.

God spent a whole chapter in the book of Proverbs talking about a good woman and wife and what she means and does. I don’t recall a similar chapter anywhere about good men and husbands. He considers you special.

There’s not a woman among you with children above infancy who has not become fed up with their misbehavior at times, having to discipline them and sometimes even yelling at them. Yet most of you have a kindheartedness toward your children that’s remarkable.

In our modern world many, if not most of you, hold down jobs to help with the family income.

Far too many of you have been given the burden of being single mothers and having to carry the entire load of parenthood. Yet, you manage somehow to do it.

When I visit my daughter, she constantly works on something having to do with her household—folding clothes, cooking, cleaning, planting and tending flowers.

Her husband and sons are helpful, perhaps more so than most, but she still finds things that require her attention and elbow grease. Few men I know would have the stamina or self-discipline to keep up with her.

In my own home, even though it’s just the two of us, my wife stays constantly busy with some project of another. She does all the yard work, which used to be a fair trade when I did all the cooking. Since she retired we pretty much each fix what we want, but she still does the yard work. Our housekeeper died about the time my wife retired, and she told me she wanted to take that over herself instead of hiring another one. Because of my cardiovascular history, she does countless little things to keep me from having to do them. I’d fall totally apart if I tried to do all she does, but she does it cheerfully and still substitutes as a principal or assistant principal anytime the school district calls her.

Most men I know love their children and grandchildren and do what they can to nurture and protect them, but few can equal their mothers, wives and daughters in that department. God truly did create something unique and wonderful when He created woman. I salute you.


clip_image007David N. Walker is a Christian father and grandfather, a grounded pilot and a near-scratch golfer who had to give up the game because of shoulder problems. A graduate of Duke University, he spent 42 years as a health insurance agent. Most of that career was spent in Texas, but for a few years he traveled many other states. He started writing about 20 years ago, and has six unpublished novels to use as primers on how NOT to write fiction. Since his retirement from insurance a few years ago, he has devoted his time to helping Kristen Lamb start Warrior Writers’ Boot Camp and trying to learn to write a successful novel himself.


About David N. Walker

David N. Walker is a Christian husband, father and grandfather, a grounded pilot and a near-scratch golfer who had to give up the game because of shoulder problems. A graduate of Duke University, he spent 42 years in the health insurance industry, during which time he traveled much of the United States. He started writing about 20 years ago and has been a member and leader in several writers' groups. Christianity 101: The Simplified Christian Life, the devotional Heaven Sent and the novella series, Fancy, are now available in paperback and in Kindle and Nook formats, as well as through Smashwords and Kobo. See information about both of these by clicking "Books" above.
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17 Responses to Women

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    You are a sweetheart, David! I’ll bet your wife brags to all her friends. 🙂


  2. Barb Estinson says:

    Beautiful post, David. I do love the high regard you have for us women ….. even your sister!


  3. Thanks, Amber. I suspect you live that pretty well.


  4. tamikaeason says:

    My children are my joy, and my husband completes me.

    Love this post! Men are pretty phenomenal too!


  5. Marcia says:

    What a beautiful tribute to women, David! Your wife is a lucky woman and I suspect you are also a lucky man. It is sad to see how some mothers treat their children. It takes so little harshness to affect a child negatively. Parents need to be very careful with their words and actions–kids are watching.


  6. This is positively gorgeous. Your mother obviously did something very right. And what an amazing husband. Do you pick up Tampax from the market and everything? *swoon* 😉


  7. Marji Laine says:

    Great post, David. I actually gasped when you mentioned a mom slapping her kids. That pains me, too.


    • I think it bothers any decent parent, Marji, but unfortunately, I’ve seen it happen in public. And the way some mothers talk to their kids is almost as bad. Thanks for your comment.


  8. susielindau says:

    You must be an awesome husband! Great post~


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