Having the Gratitude to Achieve Our Goals

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Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner I wanted to talk about an important aspect of the season, Gratitude. Gratitude isn’t just about going around the table and listing things you are grateful for in your life, it’s about living everyday with a grateful heart.

As the title implies I’m going to bring this around to achieving goals. I’ll start with an example of a goal most writers have in common, to be published. This week I achieved that goal — sort of.

You see, when I started blogging last April I discovered this huge writing community with all kinds of opportunities that I didn’t know existed. I came across a short story contest and I just had to throw my hat in the ring. A contest! My heart cried, a chance to prove to myself that I really am a writer! Well I was completely naïve at the time about anything and everything writing related (I still am in a lot of ways) but I expected to win without anyone even proofreading my work.

To my own surprise I ended up in 4th place. Call divine providence, if you will, but one of the prizes was my entry being published in an e-book. After some serious editing and a few months going back and forth with the blog owners the e-book was finally published, which makes me a published author.

All right, back to the gratitude. Here’s the thing, this isn’t a literally magazine. I don’t have an agent and no publishing house is looking at my work, but I’m still grateful for it all. I feel humbled to even have something in print that can be downloaded and read. If I never achieve more than that, I will still be happy. Why? Because I’ve worked hard and I’m lucky to even get that much.

So, how does gratitude help us achieve our goals? It keeps us working with a positive perspective so that we aren’t discouraged with the position we are in.

What are you grateful for?


Bio: J. A. Bennett is a stay-at-home mom of a three-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl. Besides writing, she has a passion for cooking and good movies. She blogs at A Book, A Girl, A Journey about writing and other life musings. She is currently working on a young adult time travel novel about what would happen to the world if someone changed the past. Find her published short story at http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0068WARZW/ref=mp_s_a_1?qid=1321624389&sr=8-1 for $.99. She is also on Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus


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David N. Walker is a Christian husband, father and grandfather, a grounded pilot and a near-scratch golfer who had to give up the game because of shoulder problems. A graduate of Duke University, he spent 42 years in the health insurance industry, during which time he traveled much of the United States. He started writing about 20 years ago and has been a member and leader in several writers' groups. Christianity 101: The Simplified Christian Life, the devotional Heaven Sent and the novella series, Fancy, are now available in paperback and in Kindle and Nook formats, as well as through Smashwords and Kobo. See information about both of these by clicking "Books" above.
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11 Responses to Having the Gratitude to Achieve Our Goals

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  2. I SO agree that gratitude helps us achieve our goals and keeps us from being discouraged! Very well said.


  3. Jennie, I got so wrapped up in getting your blog posted I forgot to comment on it. Seems like I can only entertain one thought at a time. Very good post, and congratulations on getting published.


  4. @sonia Me too! Isn’t it so great?

    @Pam That’s just how I feel! 🙂

    @Jess – Thank you Jess, you too!

    @Jenny – ❤


  5. Jenny Hansen says:

    I’m with Sonia! I am sooo grateful for the writing and blogging community I’ve found on Twitter. Long live the Life List Club. 🙂


  6. Jess Witkins says:

    Congrats! So excited for you to have a published story and it sounds like good feedback on your piece. That feedback is invaluable. Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. hawleywood40 says:

    Congratulations, Jennie! I can so relate to that sense of gratitude about being published. It is a glimpse of what we’re striving towards with our words – like a really really yummy appetizer that whets our appetite for the big meal but is also somehow perfectly satisfying in and of itself. I still peek at my story that made it into eFiction on my Kindle just to see my name in an authors list and grin and giggle like a fool – but a VERY happy fool : ).


  8. Gratitude helps everything! I am so grateful for having found this blogging community and Life List Club. I’ve learned so much and met such awesome folks. 😀 Thanks for sharing.


  9. Thanks Marcia! It’s been a fun ride 🙂


  10. Marcia says:

    You’re right, Jennie, being grateful, positive and working hard does help us get where we want to be. Lying on the couch wishing for something to happen will never make our dreams come true. Great post and congratulations on being published!


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