AP Writer Twists Netanyahu’s Words

Josef Federman wrote a highly biased report for the Associated Press which appeared in this morning’s edition (Wednesday, May 25) of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. It presumably appeared in other papers across the country.

His headline read, “A fuller look at the claims in Israeli prime minister’s speech to Congress.” What an inflammatory headline, implying the Benjamin Netanyahu, one of today’s true statesmen, lied through his teeth. Then he proceeded with several quotes from what the man said, following each with the subheading, “The facts . . .”

He first quoted Netanyahu as saying “You don’t need to send American troops to Israel. We can defend ourselves.” Then under “The facts” he pointed out that Israel receives foreign aid from the U.S., including military assistance.

Is sending a dollar the same as sending a soldier to risk his life? I don’t think so. This sort of twisting of the truth doesn’t belong in serious journalism, although, sadly, there is far too much of daily in our media.

Next Federman quoted the statement that the Jewish people are not foreign occupiers as the British in India or the Belgians in Congo. Federman then brought up the West Bank, which Israel won in the Six Day War in 1967—a war started by its Arab neighbors and not by Israel. Not some foreign land Israel sought to colonize, this land is a natural part of Israel.

To Netanyahu’s assertion that we don’t need to export democracy to Israel because they already have it, Federman dissembles. He first acknowledges that Arabs living in Israel do have full civil rights, including participating in elections—rights no Jew enjoys in Arab or Muslim countries. Then he rants that non-citizens cannot vote in Israeli elections.

The prime minister also stated that the vast majority of the 650,000 Israelis who live in the territories won in 1967 reside in suburbs of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. To this, Federman talks about “overwhelming international opposition” and settlements “considered illegal . . . by the world.”

Since when does “the world” have the right to tell a sovereign nation where its citizens can settle? And where was this world community when the Arabs attacked Israel in 1967 and again in 1973? When Arab terrorists murder Israelis—including women and children—by bombing cafes and other civilian targets?

He also quotes Mr. Netanyahu’s statement, “The Palestinian economy is booming. It’s growing by more than 10 per cent a year.” By the way, he misspells per cent as percent.

Federman acknowledges that this statement is true, then whines about the fact that has not always been the case. Oh, really? Wonder if that could have anything to do with the fact the Palestinians primary industry through the years has been making terrorist attacks against Israel instead of building an economic infrastructure?

The final quote given says, “Israel will not negotiate with a Palestinian government governed by a Palestinian version of al Qaeda.”

Federman attacks this statement by quibbling about a supposed difference between al Qaeda and Hamas. Someone please go tell all the Israelis who have lost loved one to Hamas’s terrorist bombings that they’re not as bad as al Qaeda’s terrorist bombings. At least according to Mr. Federman they’re not.

This report is a beautiful example of the yellow journalism that leftists have used to distort events ever since I can remember. It’s also a key to why FOX News has become so popular. People get tired of being lied to, and FOX is about the only source of factual reporting without bias we can find in today’s world.


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